Young people with disabilities supporting the enviornment


At RecycleAbilities our mission is to empower young people with disabilities to believe in their abilities while supporting the environment and reducing waste. Together we can make a difference one bottle at a time.


RecycleAbilities is a program developed to create a transitions platform from school to full time employment for young people with disabilities whom we refer to as recycling specialists.

The recycling specialists collect 10c recyclables from around the community as well as from businesses.

All items collected, (bottles, cans, lids and plastic bags) are sorted and recycled by the recycling specialists.

The money raised by their endeavors is used to support charities and cover costs.

At RecycleAbilities our goals are to motivate and empower young people with disabilities to:

  • Believe they are capable of working and contributing to society
  • Acquire skills that help them to achieve employment independence
  • Develop work ethics and pride
  • Understand the importance of rules, procedures, uniforms and safety equipment
  • Develop work related social skills and a sense of belonging to the community
  • Engender enthusiasm for the importance and value of recycling and looking after the environment
  • Reduce waste and encourage good recycling habits
  • Raise money for local, national and international charities

 Our goals will generate opportunities for friends, neighbours and local businesses to support a good cause at no cost and little to no effort.


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Email: info@recycleabilities.com.au
Phone: 0426 002 061

Based in Canberra, A.C.T.
Ngunnawal Country

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