Ryan is a capable young man with a great work ethic. He is very neat, tidy and organised. He loves recycling, especially 10c containers and will spot and pick up bottles or cans absolutely anywhere.

He loves sorting as an activity, consequently he enjoys sorting his containers at the Return It Depot and he also enjoys colour sorting the 1000s of bottle lids he collects for Lids4Kids each month.

Ryan adores dogs and cats. His work with RecycleAbilities gives him the opportunity to meet and stroke many dogs while he is out on his pick-up rounds and donate to animal related charities.

Ryan enjoys building things, whether it is a Lego model or a chicken coop.

Ryan is also passionate about making kitchen boards at his local Men’s Shed from off cuts of wood destined to be dumped or destroyed.

You can find out more about his boards at https://sites.google.com/view/recycleabilitieswoodwork/home.

Ryan Wood working
Ryan Wood working
Ryan Wood working
Ryan Wood working
Ryan Wood working
Ryan Wood working
novelty wood cutting boards
Ryan doing woodwork

RecycleAbilities gives Ryan:

  • A purpose and a reason to get up in the morning
  • The opportunity to offer a valued service to locals
  • A routine
  • It keeps him active and out of the house
  • It helps him develop new skills
  • It helps him meet new people in his local community. He loves that they recognize him and say hello.
  • The opportunity to help others rather than always being the recipient of assistance
  • The opportunity to work towards becoming independent


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Based in Canberra, A.C.T.
Ngunnawal Country

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